First steps when considering volunteering

We’re going to go way back to the start and talk about how to decide what volunteering options are best for you. Here are some things I would suggest you consider. And when I say consider I mean REALLY think about these! Get out a paper and pen and brainstorm each question:


1. Who is it your passion to help?
What are you passionate about? Do you love animals? Working with kids? The elderly? Protecting the environment? Think about where you’d like to focus your energy. You can think of a specific agency but I’d suggest you stay open to anything in the basic realm you choose.

2. What is your passion to do?
Are you good at making people feel welcome? Maybe you could be a greeter at an event? Do you like to be behind the scenes? Maybe you could help organize an event? Do you have a special talent you could share with others? Do you like working with your hands? Can you build something? The possibilities are endless!

3. What time commitment are you looking for?
Are you looking for something to do for an hour or more every week? Are you looking to get more bang for your buck and assist with a one day event? Are you willing to work heavily on a project for a set period of time and then move on? Being honest with yourself here is very important. You do not want to get in over your head!

4. What is your comfort level?
Are you willing to volunteer alone or do you want to go with a friend or group? Do you want a physically demanding opportunity? Are you okay with working directly with people you’ve never met? Are you willing to sort through donations or go to a facility that might not be super clean?

5. Do you have any limiting factors?
Some opportunities require a car. Some require you to be available during the day, some during the evening. Some require a certain level of physical strength. One tip I would give to anyone who is serious about volunteering is – GET A POLICE CHECK! I’ll go into more detail in another post that sometimes volunteer opportunities find you and sometimes a police check is required. If this happens, you don’t want to be stuck waiting for 4 weeks to get the papers! If possible, keep a valid one on hand!

I feel like if you can answer the above 5 questions you can really narrow in on the type of opportunity that is for you!

In my next post I plan to talk about – now that you have an idea of what type of volunteering might be best for you – how to find the perfect opportunity!

I hope I can help you find something great!

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